Structural Risk and Mental Models in Family Businesses

Current article in the journal “Familienunternehmen und Stiftungen”

In their latest article for the journal “Familienunternehmen und Stiftungen” (edition 3/2012) Dr. Tom Rüsen (WIFU), Prof. Arist von Schlippe (WIFU) and Prof. Dr. Alberto Gimeno (ESADE Business School, Barcelona) find two explanatory approaches to emphasize the difference between family businesses and other corporate forms.

There is on the one hand the model of “structural risk” of family businesses and on the other hand the concept of “mental models” in entrepreneurial families.

The major categories of “structural risk” potentially relevant for the reduction of risks are institutionalisation, differentiation of roles, applied management practices, communication and succession. With respect to “mental models” the authors outline four different basic models: the patriarchal logic, the logic of a professional entrepreneurial family, the logic of an active owning family and the logic of a family of investors.

The full article (in German only) is available here.

The article was first published at Bundesanzeiger Verlag in the edition “Familienunternehmen und Stiftungen” (3/2012, pp 92-98)

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