Influence of ownership structure (International Business Review)

New publication by Prof. Andrea Calabrò


The new paper “The influence of ownership structure and board strategic involvement on international sales: The moderating effect of family involvement” by Andrea Calabrò, Mariateresa Torchia, Thilo Pukall and Donata Mussolino is now published in the International Business Review. The review is one of the leading  journals in the field of international management.

The paper contributes to the family business and the international business literature by analysing whether and to what extent different compositions of the ownership structure and degrees of board strategic involvement impact on the level of international sales of family and non-family businesses. The results from this study show the existence, in both in family and non-family businesses, of a positive and significant relationship between foreign investors’ ownership and the level of international sales.

The complete article can be found on the homepage of the International Business Review. For any questions please contact Prof. Calabrò or Thilo Pukall.