15th of May 2013: Release of new volume in our successful WIFU scientific book series

Private Equity in Family Businesses


On 13th March 2013 the X. volume in our WIFU scientific book series will be released. The volume by Dr. Götz Müller deals with the topic Private Equity in Family Businesses.

Investments of private equity companies in family businesses gain an increasing relevance for both parties. In order to examine this phenomenon the author looks at changes in economic performance of family businesses due to private equity investments on the basis of eight case studies. Results show that performance has changed neutrally up to positively when private equity firms acquire the majority of shares in family businesses. Minority shareholding has not shown any significant changes.

Furthermore, results indicate that the examined majority shareholdings develop a strategy to support the individual performance of management to a high extent. This is mainly due to the fact that companies adapt increasingly to changing market and environment conditions and to new ways of business operation.

Further information will be available soon under WIFU-Scientific Series. The book will be distributed via the website of the publishing house Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht and will be available in specialised book stores.