18.07.2013: 18. Forum for Family Business – Growing Shareholder Group

We take the bull by the horns!


True to this motto each event in the event series „Forum for Family Business“ deals with a specific problem concerning family businesses or business families respectively. According to the concept of the Witten Congress for Family Businesses this forum addresses exclusively entrepreneurs or family members of family businesses. This creates a special protected atmosphere and a private space for the exchanging of ideas and information, without irritations through the presence of e.g. consultants or representatives of the press.

The 18. Forum for Family Business  deals with the topic “Growing Shareholder Group – Secure Decision-Making Ability – Support Solidarity”. The event discusses mainly the basic question how to handle a growing shareholder group and secure at the same time a balance between enterprise, family and ownership.

Apart from presentations from practice by Dr. C. L. Theodor Wupperman (Speaker of the Management Board of Wuppermann AG), Mattäus Niewodniczanski (Managing Director of the Bitburger Holding) and Matthias Beggerow (Member of the Shareholder Committee and Supervisory Board of the Bitburger Holding) there will also be expert presentations of the WIFU. Prof. Dr. Arist von Schlippe will explain fundamental questions that will arise while the shareholder group of a family business continues to grow. Torsten Groth will finally present by means of a best practice example the five core principles of a functioning (large) shareholder group.


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