Personality, languages, practical experience



Studying at Witten/Herdecke University means to a high degree self-determination. Therefore, we expect that you can handle surprising situations in a constructive way and that you are able to reflect about yourself and your experiences. This is the reason for the tasks we are using in the selection process.


The study program at the Faculty of Management & Economics is international. We expect from our students the ability to follow seminars in English and to read and process English academic literature. We, therefore, expect very good certified knowledge in English that you have e.g. learned in an advanced course during school, in a stay abroad or by a language course.

Practical Experience

The study program at the Faculty of Management & Economics has a high relation to practice. We have more than 25 years of experience in educating entrepreneurs. Furthermore, we want to grow into future. If you want to play an active role during this growth process and be an entrepreneur of your own studies, then convince us with your individual practical experiences (e.g. during a training period, through internships, during stays abroad and/or through interesting projects).

Even if you still plan to make experiences, you are welcome if you tell us something about your entrepreneurial skills and make clear that we cannot renounce your personality.

You can also apply if you do not have enough practical experience. You will participate in the normal selection process but if you receive a place, this offer will be for the then following year. In the meantime you can complete a lack of practical experience. In this case please choose the respective form for application.