Dipl. Soz.wiss. Torsten Groth

Research and teaching area "Leadership and Dynamics in Family Businesses"


Alfred-Herrhausen-Str. 50
58448 Witten
Phone: +49 2302 926 515
Email: torsten.groth@uni-wh.de

After taking his Abitur in Wesermünde, Torsten Groth studied social sciences at the Carl-von-Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, specialising in organisation and consultancy. He gained initial experience in the non-profit sector while studying. Torsten Groth has been a researcher at the Witten Institute for Family Business (WIFU) since 2002 and specialises in leadership and organisation. Managing director at Management Zentrum Witten (MZW), 2006-2011. Torsten Groth also advises family businesses and business families on leadership and organisational matters.

Main areas of research and consulting

  • The longevity of family businesses
  • Succession management
  • The end of family businesses
  • Managing and organising fast-growing family businesses
  • Organisation of business families
  • Family constitutions/charters

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