Helga Penders

Secretary at the chair of: Leadership and Dynamics in Family Businesses/ Organisation and Development of Business Families/ Family Business Law/ Corporate Entrepreneurship & Digitalisation in Family Businesses


Alfred-Herrhausen-Str. 50
58448 Witten
Phone: +49 2302 926 515
Email: Helga.Penders@uni-wh.de

Helga Penders has been a secretary since September 2019 at the Chair of: Leadership and Dynamics in Family Businesses, Organisation and Development of Business Families, Family Business Law, and Corporate Entrepreneurship & Digital Transformation in Family Businesses. Helga Penders has completed training as a retail saleswoman. She then worked in various positions as a secretary in the steel and rolling mill industry. In the last 20 years she worked as a member of the administration of a private, state-recognized technical college/ a private further education institution. Most recently, she worked as a secretary of the staff position manager of the Department of Company Relationships at Düsseldorf Airport as a maternity leave replacement.

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