Theresa Arnold

Scholarship holder of the WIFU Foundation


Alfred-Herrhausen-Str. 48
58448 Witten

Theresa Arnold has been a doctoral scholarship holder of the WIFU Foundation since April 2021. Her dissertation is being supervised by Prof. Dr Heiko Kleve, holder of the chair for Organisation and Development of Business Families. As part of her academic training at the Goethe University in Frankfurt and the Ruprecht-Karls University in Heidelberg, Ms Arnold devoted herself to organisational sociological issues as well as the psychosocial connections of digital change. In her qualitative master’s thesis, rated 1.0, she dealt with the topics of digitisation and flexible forms of work in the area of ​​‘new work’. After completing her master’s degree at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Ms Arnold wrote her first book contribution for Springer Verlag VS, which incorporated the empirical findings of her master’s thesis. She was able to provide further personal impulses for social research in a publication activity for a sociological journal.

In the course of her stays abroad at the Glebe Collegiate Institute in Ottawa and at the University of Valencia, her interests encompassed international exchange and the associated intercultural education in schools and later in the academic context. Her research focus at the WIFU is the systemic understanding of the reality construction of the business family in digital transformation. Within her cumulative doctoral project, she strives to be able to build on international academic exchange.

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