Prof. Dr. Together with Matthias Breier, Thomas Clauß published a study on how family businesses deal with the Corona crisis. The study “The economy of COVID-19: First empirical evidence of how family businesses in five European countries deal with the corona crisis” allows first conclusions to be drawn about the crisis management of family businesses.

Unprepared for many companies, the COVID-19 crisis turned economic life upside down within a few weeks. While in January 2020 the local corona virus was still largely spread to the Wuhan region in China and health and economic threats in the rest of the world were classified as minor, a global crisis developed within a few weeks. On March 11, 2020, the WHO assessed the coronavirus as a pandemic. Since that day, the COVID-19 crisis has dominated the media, life, economic activity and has led to a sharp drop in sales in the economy. But the crisis also shows that many companies face the challenges with innovative spirit and flexibility and face the economic downturn with active problem solving. The empirical findings can be found in the study.
This is available in our library.