Sociology of the Business Family

The business family has hardly been a topic of family sociology so far. Precisely because more than two-thirds of all companies are family-run, it is surprising that sociology has not yet discovered the entrepreneurial family as a field of research. This book makes it the subject of systematic reflections in family sociology. A central starting point for the development of theory and research on entrepreneurial families is that this form of family has to deal with special social challenges because it structurally combines, mixes and couples two social spheres that are generally pulled apart in the course of the modernisation of society, namely families as part of the private life world and companies as the formal organisation of the economic system.

Title and subtitles Sociology of the Business Family - Foundations, Recent Developments, and Future Perspectives
Author Heiko Kleve, Tobias Köllner
Year 2023
Keywords business family, Sociology
Type Books

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