• Do you come from a business family?
  • Do you experience daily how it is when the parental family business sits around the table?
  • Are you a major employer in your region?
  • Family members of your friends and acquaintances work in your company?
  • Are you unsure whether you want to work in your family business at some point in the future?
  • Are there few or none potential successors among your friends with whom you can talk?
  • Do you have lots of important questions and thoughts, but no idea who you can discuss them with?

Does any of that sound familiar to you? Then ask WIFU!

We don’t have all the answers to your questions, but we can help you find solutions and get to know other successors.

In a range of events, we can provide you with an opportunity to ask other successors who have already made their decisions. You can also discuss crucial themes with us, in the knowledge that you are talking confidentially with us on a neutral basis.

It doesn’t matter whether you necessarily want to enter operative business; perhaps you would rather responsibly assume your role as a shareholder, now or in the future.



  • Confidential discussions
  • Meet successors
  • Food for thought
  • Self-reflection
  • Get a change of perspective

There are no stupid questions – you’re only stupid if you don’t ask.


Our Family Business Forum series dedicates a whole annual event exclusively to issues experienced by successors. Participants learn self-reflection techniques, gain inspiration from the experience of speakers, and discuss their own questions with other delegates in a safe environment.

Successors can register for the Succession Academy at the Witten Congress for Family Businesses. All of the activities and the surrounding programme are designed specially to provide plenty of new inspiration in an atmosphere of fun and learning. Getting to know successors from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the biggest German language family business congress is part of the programme, as are personal discussions.

The event format WIFU@Succession Camp, which has been carried out since 2020, is specifically aimed at successors up to the age of 35. Succession is often only understood as the handover decision to manage the company: Who will take over the management on day X, who will hand it over and how is the “handover of the baton” organized? However, this common view overlooks the fact that the succession is not only to be carried out in the management of the company, but also in the passing on of company shares. However, the reduction to the mere succession decision hides many succession dynamics in the business family that have shaped or still shape the lives of family members long before the transfer of responsibility and also afterwards. Therefore, within the framework of the two-day WIFU@Succession Camp, a joint attempt is made to view succession as an ongoing process within a system. In various workshop units, the WIFU would like to encourage the participants to hold up a mirror and critically reflect on the question “Where do I stand – where are the others?”

Since 2021, the WIFU has been offering the WIFU@Successors’ Regulars’ Table as an online event for representatives of the next generations from family businesses between the ages of 16 and approx. 35 who are not yet active in the family business, who have only recently joined the company or who are still undecided, at. The successors meet at regular intervals at the Zoom conference to discuss current issues and challenges.


Dr. Anne Heider

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