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The three research and teaching areas of business administration, psychology/sociology and jurisprudence are an academic reflection of the structure of family businesses. We use this internationally unique set of conditions to consistently promote research, training and practical exchange in this particular form of organisation, and generate innovative approaches to problems. With five departments and numerous internationally renowned visiting and honorary professors, as well as 30 events each year that encourage exchange between family entrepreneurs, WIFU has been making a significant contribution to the ability of family businesses and business families to endure into the future and across generations, for more than 20 years.


  • Networking with leading family businesses and business families
  • Unique field access for quantitative and qualitative research
  • Transdisciplinary orientation and lots of different topics
  • Intensive collaboration with the experts at WIFU
  • Renowned international visiting professors
  • Dynamic, courageous and unconventional team


We ‘WIFUs’ are passionate about our research, training, development and the education of potential successors in family businesses, and about promoting the exchange of practice and experience between family entrepreneurs and members of business families.

About the team


The WIFU Foundation awards annual scholarships to support junior researchers in the field of family entrepreneurship. The aim of awarding doctoral and postdoctoral scholarships is to support research, training and education in the field of family entrepreneurship in academia and industry.

Scholarship - Mental health of business families (available in German) Scholarship - Project The family behind the family business (available in German) Doctoral scholarship - Digitally transformed theory of the family business and the business family (available in German) Doctoral scholarship (available in German) Postdoctoral scholarship (available in German)


We are hiring Research Fellows at the Chair of Organisation and Development of Business Families and at the Chair of Family Business Law:

Research Fellow at the Chair of Organisation and Development of Business Families (available in German) Research Fellow at the Chair of Family Business Law (available in German)



The WIFU Foundation supplies project funding via the Witten/Herdecke University to finance selected research projects in the context of research on family businesses. We would be delighted to hear about your ideas and proposals for research projects in the field of family entrepreneurship.

Project funding (available in German) Rules of good academic practice at UWH (available in German)


We are hiring:

Projectmanager (m/w/d)


We are looking for student assistants in the following areas as soon as possible:

Student Assistant Translations (avialable in German)


Doctoral studies at WIFU offer the opportunity to actively advance research in the field of family business research. As part of the research training group, the doctoral students are in regular exchange with other doctoral students, scientists and practitioners from family businesses. It is possible to start a doctoral program at WIFU after successfully completing a three-stage admission process. You can find information on admission and the supervision agreement here:

Dissertation requirements (German) Supervision agreement doctoral scholarship (German)


Prof. Dr. Heiko Kleve
Phone: +49 2302 926-513