WIFU Online Forum

WIFU Online Forum

With the digital event format “WIFU Online Forum”, WIFU is consistently continuing its digitalization course and offers a useful addition to its numerous presence formats. Every two to four weeks, interested parties from science and practice are given over 90 minutes the opportunity to exchange information on family entrepreneurship-related topics as part of a moderated online discussion. Every event is enriched by the extensive know-how of a subject expert at WIFU.

In the run-up to the online forum, WIFU provides practice-oriented information materials, elaborations, studies, lecture recordings etc. on Facebook and LinkedIn, which serve to prepare the participants for the forum.

Participation in the WIFU online forum is free of charge, but requires prior registration.

You can find the current flyer with all information about participating

in the online forum here.


  • Participants: public event
  • Venue: digital via zoom online conference
  • Framework: online discussion on a selected research topic

Event dates

1st WIFU Online Forum

27.03.2020, 17 pm

conflict dynamics in business families with Prof. Dr. Arist von Schlippe

2nd WIFU Online Forum

03.04.2020, 17 pm

family strategy and management of the business family with Prof. Dr. Tom Rüsen

3rd WIFU Online Forum

09.04.2020, 17 pm

the learning business family with Prof. Dr. Heiko Kleve

4th WIFU Online Forum

16.04.2020, 17 pm

development of shareholder competencewith Prof. Dr. Tom Rüsen

5th WIFU Online Forum

23.04.2020, 17 pm

motives and competences in succession with Prof. Dr. Marcel Hülsbeck

6th WIFU Online Forum

07.05.2020, 17 pm

education in business families with Prof. Dr. Heiko Kleve

7th WIFU Online Forum

14.05.2020, 17 pm

family businesses dealing with the Corona crisis with Prof. Dr. Thomas Clauß

8th WIFU Online Forum

28.05.2020, 17 pm

digitalisation in family businesses with Prof. Dr. Marcel Hülsbeck

9th WIFU Online Forum

10.06.2020, 17pm

digital business models with Prof. Dr. Thomas Clauß

10th WIFU Online Forum

25.06.2020, 17pm

transgenerational wealth management /- wealth psychology with Prof. Dr. Thomas Druyen

11th WIFU Online Forum

02.07.2020, 17pm

the relevance of foundations for business families with Prof. Rainer Kirchdörfer


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