Case study J.D. Neuhaus

8. July 2019


On 15 June 2019, Dr. Anne K. Heider and Wilfried Neuhaus-Galladé (J.D.NEUHAUS GmbH & Co. KG) presented the case study “J.D. Neuhaus: Hoists and Cranes Engineered for Extreme over Seven Generations” at the Family Enterprise Day of the Hénokiens on the INSEAD campus in Fontainebleau (France).
The case study deals with the questions:
• For what reasons was it possible to retain ownership in the hands of the Neuhaus business family for so long?
• How was the transformation (from domestic mining to world market leader in hydraulic and pneumatic hoists and crane systems) achieved and what precautionary measures must be taken to mitigate the imminent crisis (oil)?
• What measures must be taken to ensure the future viability of the business?
The authors and the Hénokiens hope that this case study will help successors and researchers of the family business to identify the success pattern of long-lived family businesses.

The case study by Dr. Anne K. Heider, Prof. Dr. Tom A. Rüsen and Prof. Dr. Marcel Hülsbeck is available in English and German in the library.

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