New volume of the WIFU publication series: Family Businesses in Japan

29. February 2024

Japan is famous for its long-lived family businesses. What are the factors that contribute to the longevity? What can family entrepreneurs in other countries learn from Japan?

Dr. Sigrun C. Caspary, Prof. Dr. Tom A. Rüsen, Prof. Dr. Heiko Kleve and PD Dr. Tobias Köllner sought answers to these questions in the country itself. In detailed and unexpectedly open discussions with representatives of renowned old business families, success factors were identified. These point to the importance of the Japanese family system, social relationships at the local level and a finely woven network that has been cultivated over many years. The cultural practices of Japanese society, underpinned by a radically different understanding of religion, were also identified as favourable influences for unique, long-lasting success. The results of the research trip are now available in the book “Long-lived Family Businesses in Japan: Factors of Success”.

This volume of the WIFU publication series is available as an open access version in our online library.

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