Practical guide “The IPO for family businesses”

26. November 2019

The IPO for family businesses – on this topic, the new practical guide of the WIFU has been published in cooperation with CMS and Deutsche Börse Group. The authors Renata Bandov, Jörg Baumgartner, Michael Schatzschneider and Andreas Zanner explain inter alia, which motives and advantages arise through an IPO for family businesses and how the IPO expires. It is often conveyed the impression that German family businesses and their owners are skeptical about an IPO, as they are too limited in their freedom of choice and restricted by investors who do not think in terms of generations but in quarters. Numerous prominent examples show, that family businesses and stock market listing are not mutually exclusive.

Find out more in the new German WIFU Practical Guide. This is available for free in our library.

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