Family Strategy Development in Business Families / ビジネス・ファミリーにおけるファミリー戦略の展開

This practical guide by Tom Rüsen, Arist von Schlippe and Torsten Groth assists members of business families to develop and critically reflect on their family strategy in a structured manner....

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Japansese Family Business / 日本の老舗ファミリービジネス 伝統志向のファミリー企業の成功要因 ー世代をつなぐ協力関係ー

Japanese Family Businesses are the oldest in the world. In this practical guide, we introduce the Japanese family system ‘ie’, which is one of the factors contributing to the longevity...

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Securing Succession in a Family Business across Generations /ファミリービジネスの確実 な承継のために

This practical guide offers food for thought and encourages those involved in family businesses to individually and jointly address the question of succession, mutually clarify expectations, understand challenges and, on...

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