The Modern Family Business

Relationships, Succession and Transition


Lorna Collins, Louis Grisoni, John Tucker, Claire Seaman, Stuart Graham, Rebecca Fakoussa und Dominique Otten – family businesses constitute over 70% of all business world-wide and while much attention has been focused on those with large turnovers, huge numbers of employees and dynastic ownership, very little research has considered the myriad and diversity of the majority. In addition, the accepted nature of the ‘family’ in business—traditional in view and classic in definition— seems to lag behind our modern concept of the extended, complicated and diverse character of the ‘family’.

Focusing on these two gaps, this bookconsiders smaller family-owned businesses which have features that have often been neglected. It aims to highlight the gaps in our understanding of the modern family business and through the use of four case studies illuminates the ‘family’ aspects of business which makes these businesses unique.

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„This book attempts to shed light on the changing nature of family business. The Modern Family Business is a book of stories about relationships, transitions and successions. … The contribution this book makes is that it gives a voice to some neglected family members and that alone makes it worthwhile.“
Martin Stepek, CEO Scottish Family Business Association
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