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The Chair of Family Business Law represents the juristic pillar of WIFU’s transdisciplinary research concept. Family business law is a relatively new legal field. The existence of family business law as a legal discipline in its own right is disputed in traditional jurisprudence. This is because the law itself does not recognise the term ‘family business’, so there are no express legal consequences to the existence of a family business at any point. But despite this, a family business is very particular from a legal viewpoint. Looked at from the point of view of civil law, the linkage between family and business interests impacts on how the company is treated legally. Firstly this is because the family business law cuts across different legal fields, and that itself is unique. Secondly, it is a subject that entails legal questions of its own, ones that only arise in this form in family businesses. And finally, the general instruments of civil law can be influenced by the particularities of family businesses.

Apart from that, the inclusion of family members in a business has far-reaching tax law consequences which constantly occupy these businesses, beyond the matter of succession itself. All of the developments in legislation, judicature and financial administration have to be monitored and legally tested. This is why WIFU aims, at its Department of Law for Family Businesses, not only to research the doctrines of family business law in full, but to make a continued contribution to the legal practice of family businesses in view of the ever-changing legal landscape.



  • Family and inheritance law
  • Commercial and company law
  • Moot Court on Business Law
  • Succession in family businesses
  • Legal principles of family business
  • Tax law in family businesses
  • Private Economic Law


Prof. Dr. Christoph Schreiber
Chairholder Department of Family Business Law
Prof. Rainer Kirchdörfer
Honorary Professor at the Chair of Family Business Law
Prof. Dr. Rainer Kögel
Honorary Professor at the Chair of Family Business Law
Dominik Spannekrebs
Research Fellow at the Endowed Chair of Family Business Law
Helga Penders
Secretary at the Chairs: Management of Family Businesses, Family Business Law, Corporate Entrepreneurship and Digitalisation in Family Businesses, Leadership and Dynamics of Family Businesses, Wealth Psychology and Transgenerational Wealth Management in Business Families (research and teaching area)



Prof. Dr. Christoph Schreiber

Phone: +49 2302 926 515
Email: christoph.schreiber@uni-wh.de

Prof. Dr. Christoph Schreiber, born 1980, studied jurisprudence at Christian Albrechts University in Kiel from 2000 to 2005. Following his first state law exams, he was an academic assistant at the Institute of Business and Tax Law in Kiel, and he gained his doctorate from the Jurisprudence Faculty at the University of Münster in 2007. Prof. Dr. Schreiber took his second state law exam in Hamburg in 2009 and continued his research at the Institute of Business and Tax Law in Kiel. He has been an academic advisor at the Department of Tax Law at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg since 2014. He was habilitated in February 2017 (venia legendi: civil law, tax law, commercial and corporate law, civil procedural law). After the representation of the chair of Family Business Law at the WIFU from the winter semester 2017/2018 he received his call in March 2019 from the Witten/Herdecke University. Since June 2019 Prof. Dr. Schreiber is holder of the chair.

  • Corporate law
  • Tax law, especially corporate tax law
  • Civil law
  • Civil procedural law


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  • The latest developments and configurations in tax law
  • Minors as shareholders in family businesses
  • Entrepreneurial partnership in family businesses
  • Securing legacies in the long-term
  • General clauses in civil law for family businesses