Conflicts and Conflict Dynamics in Business Families

Conflicts within the owner circle – or rather, within the „family of the family business“ – are often the main cause of existential crises for family businesses. The damaging effects of unchecked family conflicts affect two social systems: the family business and the business family itself. The impairment of the survival capability of the family business goes hand in hand with the reduced chance of constructive follow-up communication between family members. Once caught up in conflict communication, it is extremely difficult for business families to get out of it without the help of external knowledge. It is therefore surprising that the topic of conflict prevention in business families has so far been given relatively little attention.

Against this background, this book takes a closer look at the topic of „Conflicts in the Business Family“ and deals with a number of topics that are essential to understanding the subject: the specific challenges and conflicts that business families typically face, as well as practically proven methods of conflict resolution at different levels. The content is based on the experiences that the two authors have gained in a variety of research projects, conflict moderation, and family strategic consulting projects over the past 18 years. The key findings from this wealth of experience are now made available to the general public.

Titel und Untertitel Conflicts and Conflict Dynamics in Business Families. Dealing with Internal Family Disputes
Autor Arist von Schlippe, Tom A. Rüsen
Jahr 2024
Keywords business family, Conflicts, ownership
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